Meet Haku


sakiyuki and haku

Dogs seem to be in every person’s home that I know and it’s not complete when you don’t have one. Our family used to have this lovable dog and has been with us for a very long time until she passed away in April of 2012. I was devastated to know that I could no longer see her.

Months after I decided that I wanted a dog again. It was granted when I got Haku as a present. I got him in the month of November 2012. Before I got him, I couldn’t decide what kind of dog that I really wanted.My mind constantly kept changing. First it was a golden retriever, then a chihuahua, next a pomeranian.

So, I just decided to look to different pet shops until I came across a little cute puppy that I couldn’t take my eyes off. It was a Haku a lhasa apso which I sometimes think he is a half breed.


3 months haku

This is Haku when I got him in November of 2012.  He looks like a stuffed toy at this picture.


He’s joyously enthusiastic, energetic,hyper, sweet, smart,mischievous, and stubborn. He likes to chew and put things in his mouth as such kleenex, newspaper,or whatever seems to curious him. He barks to alert when something is suspicious and banging sounds. Being patient counts the most.It’s like taking care of a child that you need to nurture but at the same time you need to be firm.

Haku decreases my stress level. When I see him my frustration and problems fades away. When I’m surfing the net,he would sometimes bring me his squeaky ball as if he’s telling me he wants to play. He wakes me up in the morning too. He sometimes would sit and lay on the floor at the entrance door of my bedroom facing at the direction I’m at and watches me. These days I try to take him out more often for a walk. Not to mention that I always need to bring newspapers in case his poops on the street.Trash bins are accessible so I don’t have any problem disposing it. He also likes to sniff car tires for some reason that I think is weird. I noticed when you are calm and assertive, he follows where you are going. This also includes how confident you are.


call me haku

Just as the good trait in him, there is also a negative side.There are times he will throw a tantrum at me. Snapping him out of the mind state that he is in can be a bit difficult. For an example if he is chewing the bed sheet and I tell him to get off but refuses, I put him to a time out spot. When I return, he’s not that excited or hyper anymore. Even though he’s like that,I still love my dog.

Before I would just be irritated and frustrated when he doesn’t understand the instructions One thing you should remember you need to train him in a early age. Stay calm whenever your dog pisses you off. Yelling and shouting him won’t get things any better. If you are familiar with the show Dog Whisperer it’s a fantastic way to get ideas how to control a dog. Of course I’m no Cesar Millan, but I surely do try! hehehe


Your best shot


 This photo credit goes to superleO


We live in a world that is confusing, hopeful, pain, magnificent, questionable, mysterious, and full of wonder.We live in world of imperfection and flaw that we dream of good possibilities to arrive. Sometimes we wait forever for a miracle to happen.

We project in the best of circumstances and can determine our willingness if our intention is what we really have considered in attaining.There are too many concepts and different perspectives in life that we can’t discover what we’re really after. We establish creating the future plans rather than of what you need to start of this moment. Sometimes we’re too confident in the position we’re at, that we become blind to our surroundings and to what we really have to offer. Sometimes we’re stuck in time because of remorse or pain we still are enduring. Sometimes being infuriated too much makes us feel unwanted or no sense of direction. Life is a bit bleak at this point. We incorporate complicated things that looks easy but turns out to be an abstract whirlwind. We have deep thoughts. Time has stopped in a moment. We become a sponge. We wrap ourselves in confusion and blame. Sometimes we’re trap inside a jar and can’t get out.

Fear is dominated in our life somewhere along the way than scaling our courage to face the real facts. Surely we can’t escape what already has happened to us, but we can try to change from being imprisoned from within. There is no limited access for improvement. It is up to you if you want something bigger and better in life. Determination and commitment is a process to a new chapter in your life. We’re salient when we believe and trust ourselves. Having a positive outlook to the things we do will set vibrancy. For those who are passive will end up to a wishful thinking. We’re just a bit scared or worried. That’s what leaves us hesitant.

I admit that there is no easy solution to such a problem.There will be good days just as bad days.It can be complicated as if it’s a mystery that needs to be unlocked. Things are left unexplained because life is also teaching us a lesson for whatever reason it may be. Don’t misconstrue what is favorable but to accept of you becoming more prudent. The choice that you make has another day to replenish.We color our life depending to each decision we make in life.We represent history and the future.





Failure is not an option

blog 2013 pix


It’s been a while since I have written a new blog here. Today is the day I share that story with you.

2012 —- A lot of crappy things might have happened to you. Good or bad it’s still part of your memory now.

2013 —— Before 2013, I thought long-hard and clear to make some change in my life. I’m getting old and just as any individual I want to accomplish a particular goal.Sounds easy planning it, but making the action is a different story. If you want change, you need to risk and not be afraid. You just take it and explore. It’s a significant change. Otherwise, you won’t taste that challenge, but rather regret it at the end. You need to struggle and be consistent, patience, and determination to get you somewhere.

I made a list what I wanted to improve and work more on for this year. Getting a new job is one of them. I am looking for a better opportunity and advancement growth. Getting a new job is tough. You have to go through a lot of exams and interviews before they finally accept you in a company. Most of the companies that I have applied either is not for me, the offer was too low, rejected, or that I end up getting bad luck or to nowhere.Is there something wrong with me?

Then I realized that I also need to set myself high standards and consistent focus in what I do and what I want to target in the long run.This aim is a goal. It means if you want to change something, it’s like a dream in your mind that you already have envisioned. It hasn’t happened because you are in a comfort zone or your stuck  in time not knowing what to do. Don’t waste time. Time is ticking and life is short. As soon as you know it, you’re already fifty. If you get rejected, no big deal. Shrug it off. Keep pressing on. Don’t stress yourself on it. So, I said this to myself : You are a fighter not a quitter. A fighter never gives up no matter what obstacle comes your way.

Each of us face an endeavor or challenge in life. Nothing in life goes easy.Don’t be vulnerable. Be strong. Rejection is part of life. You can’t impress or please everyone. Don’t fall apart when someone tells you you’re not good enough. You know you are good. You know you have the skills. Work on it and practice.Don’t mind what people say about you. It’s just their opinion nothing more. Don’t be hopeless. You only end up being hopeless when you are not doing anything about it.

Smile. Be optimistic. You can’t let your hopes be dashed simply you were not able to get in to a company you are hoping for or whatever reason it may be. Watch funny movies. Be around people who will inspire you. Be patient. Wait. Keep looking. There is something better waiting for you. Just remember one thing: It depends on how we respond to rejection or failure. It’s either you choose to keep moving forward or end up being in the same situation you are in. If you haven’t started —— GET STARTED! You must never give up the fight until you finish where you first started. We live to tell a story. You make your destiny.

An angel by my side

The wind that brushes softly on my face
is like you touching my skin
The warmth of beauty and tranquility ceases the moment
when your arms are around me
Touched by your kindness
Touched by your heart
The serenity of grace is having an angel by my side

Today I got a surprise from my best friend and baby. I was pretty stressed out at work and had a lot of things floating up in my mind. Looking at the time seemed like eternity! haha For some reason I looked at my right side where the entrance door of the admin was and saw this guy looking at me. It didn’t occur to me at first that it was my baby at first because I honestly thought it was an applicant, until he was smiling exactly like my bf! —- OH, IT IS MY BF!!! LOL He was smiling and was holding a gift of chocolate for me! I couldn’t believe it! He didn’t sent me a message the whole day thinking he was busy at work again.My heart leaped with joy seeing him come to my office like that! He said he wanted to surprise me like that on our monthsary and by not sending me any text messages.  By next month on November will be our 3 year anniversary.


It’s about time that I think I should bring out my creativity in blogging. It shouldn’t matter what other people thinks about you because you’re sharing information and expressing as an individual for others to know about you.

Because I’m a bit new in this area, I am hoping to make new friends. I also want to explore and discover things.

I would like to get to know you! How about it? I also have a new acronym for twitter. Here it is:


T-hanking you for first reading this.

W-onderful and kind should you all know I am writing blogs to motivate and inspire readers

I-neluctable and incalculable that I would like to share ideas and meet new friends

T-hinking that I would like to share my story no matter how silly it may be!

T-ime is gold

E-xcited doing this!

R-eally hoping that one day my dreams will come true!

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About me……

About Me:

– My name is Saki Yuki. That’s not my real name, but my Japanese name.
– I’m unique as an individual and so are you.
– I love Philippines, Japan, and the U.S.
– I love Japanese culture and their language.
– I love to eat pizza…including other food.
– I think of life hopeful, magnificent, significant,complicated, and questionable.
– I like to write things that are interesting to me.
– Adjective words that describe me: modest, warm, curious, tenacious, intuitive, optimistic, and friendly
– I silently watch things revolving me – – I observe… life begins
– Sometimes when the path I’m heading seems to be broken I stay optimistic. I find different options to remain strong.
– I love the Jabbawockeez! They have the moves and grooves while dancing. Spectacular!
– I like to listen to good music. I like Charice!
– I like watching sunsets and gaze stars at night.
– I laugh really loud when someone cracks me up.People look as if I’m weird. Sometimes with too much laughter that I have tears rolling out of my eyes or my face would turn slight red. hahahaha!
– I like to watch action/comedy/entertainment programs and movies
– Am a fanatic of earrings and Hello Kitty!
– Comfortable being who I am….does some re-assessment for progress and development.